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HSE : Indiana’s High School Equivalency Diploma

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Hear What Previous Graduates Have To Say About How Getting Their HSE Changed Their Lives


"Saying that this experience has left me feeling accomplished and proud of myself would be an understatement. Restarting my education changed my life."


"I am achieving my goals. Working on my HSE makes me feel like I can have a life filled with the potential to grow and take care of my family.  I feel like I won’t always have to struggle in life.”


"(VU) was willing to work with my schedule and go at my pace. I quickly completed all of my task, and took the test. I not only graduated, but I graduated with honors! I contribute that to the fact that I was able to learn in a way, and at a pace that benefited me and my family."


“USI is a challenge, but the success I found in the Adult Education classroom helps give me confidence”. “If I did not take the first step and enroll in Adult Education classes, none of this would be possible."

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